DV From Virtual Dub

MEP may have problems importing AVIs/MPEGs. One workaround is to convert the file to a DV-AVI and then importing it. You can easily convert it using Virtual Dub using the free Panasonic DV codec.

Virtual Dub, a free program from Avery Lee, can be downloaded from here.

If you want to import VOBs/MPEGs into Virtual Dub, install the plugin from here.

Installation of Virtual Dub is not required: just unzip the package and double-click the exe file.

To install the Panasonic DV codec, download and run this exe file and follow the instructions in the folder you installed the files into (default C:\Program Files\Panasonic...).

To convert your video file to DV-AVI:

  1. Open the file in VirtualDub,
  2. On the Video menu, select Compression to Panasonic DV codec,
  3. On the Video menu, select Full processing Mode,
  4. On the File menu, click Save as AVI... and follow the normal Windows prompts for saving a file.

After it has been converted, you should be able to open (and burn) it in MEP with no sync problems.

One more thing: if you have converted a 16:9 widescreen video, you may have to set it to 16:9 format on the MEP timeline to make it display properly. Right click on the video, choose Properties, then choose 16:9 from the dropdown list.

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