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This is applicable for MEP 11 and above only, as these versions create compliant DVD files, whereas earlier versions created 1 large VOB that was split into 1gb chunks (the DVD standard) during the burn process. For MEP 10 and earlier, you have to use DVD Shrink if you want to burn outside of MEP.

If you have trouble burning your project's DVD Image with MEP, if you don't want to use MEP or another program such as Nero or you want to burn more copies of your DVD Image, you can easily burn it with ImgBurn.

The steps to use Imgburn are as follows:

Insert a disk into your burner.

Open Imgburn:

If you don't see the above screen, click Mode>Ez Mode Picker.

Next, locate your DVD Image files. You can find your DVD files in the folder that is specified in the "Temporary" folder: hit key Y (or File>Program settings) then click on the Path Settings tab.

Note the location of the "Disk Images" folder (earlier versions called it the "Temporary" folder).

Your DVD files are in a subfolder of the Disk Images folder called "DVD Image xxx", where XXX is the name of your project:

Now back to Imgburn:

Click on the "Write files/folders to disc" button, then this screen appears; click on the small folder icon to browse to your MEP DVD Image folder (note you can also use Imgburn to burn individual files; just click on the files icon above the folder icon):

Optional: on the Device tab, you can select the write speed (less than maximum is said to improve the quality of your burn) and also you may be able to change the "booktype" of your burnt disk. Click on the small open book icon on the lower right of the Device screen.

Note the "DVD Image xxx" folder that MEP has created during the encode/burn process.

Next, click the big "Folder > Disc" button at the bottom to get to this screen:

Now that is clever. Imgburn asks you if you want to create the VIDEO_TS folder. Click Yes.

Here you have the option of renaming your disc (the name that appears in Windows Explorer next to the disk symbol).

Make any changes you wish or accept what's already there, then click Yes:

All set to burn. Click OK and away she goes.

Home>Movie Edit Pro>Tips and Tricks> DVD>Burn with ImgBurn