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The Keyframe Animator can be used to accurately control various object properties such as position, size, colour, volume, and zoom. Virtually every modification that can be made to an object can be achieved with the KFA.

The advantage of the KFA over the Movement control is that more accuracy can be achieved and more effects can be used at one time.

This page has links to various tutes which demonstrate the use of the KFA.

Object Movement

Here's a tutorial on use of the Keyframe Animator to control an aeroplane, which I made to use in a custom fade/transition.

This tutorial goes through, in detail, the use of the KFA and is recommended viewing for those interested in learning how to use the KFA.

Keyframe Animator - Aeroplane Movement tutorial



Title Control

Another use of the KFA is create your own custom title movement. While there are numerous title presets, you may want to create your own. It's easy with the KFA. This simple one scrolls into view from bottom-centre and then stops:

Create a Title that scrolls up then stops with the Keyframe Animator (with soundtrack)   WMM file (no sound).


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