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Some of these tutes are Youtube and Vimeo videos. They should be viewed at full screen for optimum viewing. If desired, the Youtube videos can be viewed in High Definition, which will further improve quality (although they have been uploaded at fairly low "high definition" quality). These options can be activated on the Youtube control panel as follows:

If the control bar disappears in fullscreen, move your mouse to the bottom of the screen and the control bar will reappear.

If you want to keep a copy, feel free. You can use Keepvid. Just paste the video URL into the box. You'll get an option to save either the low-quality Flash version or the high quality MPEG 4 version.

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MEP 15

The Movement functions of MEP 15 have been improved to make them generally quite a lot easier to use than previous versions.

There is an excellent general description of the Movement function in online Help. Go to Help>Contents>Animate Objects for good information on keyframes. Help does not explain how to actually use the features; that's why I have created these tutorials.

Size and Position Tute Part 1

This covers the dialogue box, the controls and sets up a simple Picture in Picture, then a moving Picture in Picture.

Size and Position Tute Part 2

This explains how to modify a Size and Position setup and discusses the effect curves display.

Section/Zoom Tute Part 1

This tutorial covers the section/Zoom movement function, specifically the first area called "Section" and demonstrates a simple crop and pan. This is the Ken Burns effect

Section/Zoom Tute Part 2 version 2

This part covers the areas "Movement in Direction", "Zoom" and "Duration".


MEP 14

MEP 14 Plus has a feature called Movement, where cropping, panning and zooming on objects (the Ken Burns effect) is greatly simplified (although still more complicated than MEP 15!). While these basic effects can be achieved using the Keyframe Animator, they are much easier to do with the Movement feature.

I have made a couple of tutorials demonstrating this feature; links below:

Basic Ken Burns Pan and Crop tute with MEP 14 Plus and the result. WMM file one and two.


Using MEP 14 Plus Movement feature to run a bus along a map route (5.5mb streaming WMV) and the result: Moving Bus on map route. WMM file one and two


Using the MEP 14 Movement feature to run an arrow along a route on a map and the result.


This is a good example of real Ken Burns in action

Not done with MEP (I don't think) but could easily be with the Movement function. If you look closely, the only effect is a pan and/or zoom. MEP has most of the transitions/fades used too.


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