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Title Postioning

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Title Positioning

At times, you may want to position your titles away from the default position.


The first, the simplest, is to use the vertical and horizontal sliders on the title editor to move your title to where you want it.


The second more advanced method is to use the Size and Position controls as follows. This enables you to position your title anywhere on the screen in a title box, similar to a text box in a word processor/DTP program. It can be used to position your text in the TV Safe area.

MEP14 and below

On the Title screen, click Size and Position. The Image Size and Position screen comes up (the left bit is chopped off here):

Make sure that, in the Preview Window section, Object Size/Position is selected (click it) and then use the left or right handles to widen or narrow your text box.

Drag the box around the screen by left clicking/holding inside the box and then dragging.

The height of the box will be determined by the font size, the width of your box and how much text you've got.

When finished, click OK twice to get back to the timeline.


On the Effects tab, use the Movement Size/Position function to position your title:

You can also use the 3D Distortion function to create a Start Wars title effect.

Video Effects Simple Zoom (MEP 14 and below)

Lastly, in MEP 14 and below, you can use Video Effects to reduce your lateral text borders. Set up your title then apply a zoom effect to it to shrink it slightly to fit within your TV cropping box or other lateral limit. To zoom it "out", right click on the title, click Video Effects and then click the minus button in the Zoom section until the text fits nicely inside the cropping box. You will have to increase the size of your font slightly to compensate for the negative zoom. This only works for a centred title.

Saving Your Titles

Once you get your title position and attributes sorted out, right click on the title and then Save as Title Template and you will be able to use that title in all your projects. Unfortunately, MEP doesn't have editable "styles" per se, but the Save as Title Template option means you can easily apply the same style throughout your project without having to either copy objects or do them manually each time.

Even better, provided you have a title (even a blank title) in a group of objects, you can right-click on the title and select Save As Special Effect. All effects that you have applied to all objects in that group and the objects of course will be saved as a TFX and can be used later. This is great for a complex transition involving many objects eg masks and backgrounds that you want to use more than once.

Background Colour

MEP does not have a simple background colour selector but this is easily achieved using the following procedure for MEP 15 and up (courtesy of Xerox).

The basic flow is to insert a single-colour image eg JPEG, BMP, PSD and then change it's colour, then put the title below it on the timeline.

  1. Drag any JPEG (sized for your project eg 1024x576 for 16:9 PAL) to the track above the title eg if the title is to go onto track 2, put the image on track 1.

  1. Select the JPEG by clicking on it. Make the JPEG transparent by using the Video Effects>Chroma key effect. Select the Color mode. MEP will instruct you to select the range with the colour you want transparent. Using the mouse left-drag select a portion of the image in the preview monitor. After doing that, the entire image will be transparent (MEP makes the colour you selected transparent or "see-through"). If you have a plain colour image eg all blue or black, you only need to drag out a small area to register the colour to be made transparent.
  2. Right-click on the JPEG and select "Background Design > Background design..." from the pop-up menu.
  3. Select the "Use Color" radio button, then select a colour. Click OK as required to exit the background design feature.
  4. Create your title on the track below your background image.
  5. Resize both the title and the background to the desired length.

If you want to re-use the style for the title, group the title and the JPEG, then right-click on the title and choose Save as Special effect.... The title (which you can edit later) together with the JPEG background, will be available for use, like a normal title, from the Standard section of the Title tab.

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