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What is GSpot?

GSpot is a file analysis program that tells us what video and audio codecs are used as well as other characteristics. Primarily, it is used to analyse a file that cannot be opened to reveal what codecs the file was created with. Armed with this information, you can find and install the correct codecs to enable your file to be opened successfully with MEP.

The GSpot homepage is here:

Installing GSpot

Download the zip file from the G Spot website above.

After the download is complete, unzip the zipped file, then in the GSpot folder, doubleclick the GSpot.exe file. GSpot runs as a standalone and does not make any changes to your system. To delete it, simply delete the folder.

Using GSpot to analyse a video file

Start GSpot from the Start menu and then open the file using File>Open.

(Alternatively, right-click on the file, then click Open With... and browse to and select GSpot. GSpot will then be on the right-click Open With... menu for next time).

When GSpot has finished analysing the file, it will display the audio and video codecs the file is made up of, and whether the codecs are installed on your machine. If you are missing a codec, you can then hop onto the net and search for a copy to install.

An example screenshot:

This shows the analysis of a VOB (created by MEP). Note the codecs.


Home>Movie Edit Pro>Tips and Tricks>Setup>Codecs>GSpot

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