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Folder Management

This information is biased to MEP 14+, but those using earlier versions will find it useful nevertheless.

Folder nomination is done on the File>Program Settings (Y) screen, Path Settings tab.



I have found it is helpful to nominate specific folders for movies/projects. That way it is easy to delete all the files associated with a project after you’ve finished without deleting other wanted files. The only (small) downside is that if you jump between movies/projects, you have to keep changing the Path Settings locations before you open the other movie/project. It’d be good to have an option to “use the same folder for all”. I find that this isn’t a major impost, since you can copy and paste the folder names into the boxes.

I recommend that you use one unique folder for all directory options for each project. Just cut and paste the folder names into the boxes on the Program Settings/Path Settings page.

To save littering your hard drive with HO, AVD and audio HDPs, I suggest you copy the WAV audio files you use in your project into the project folder. This will simplify deleting all traces of the project when you’ve finished with it.

This is what seems to go into the five folders specified in File>Program Settings>Path Settings tab:


This folder contains the project files, which are the Movie file (*.MVD), the DVD project file (*.DIP), and the movie backup files eg “*_BAK0.MV_”.

This is the folder that is displayed when the “My Projects” tab (on the main screen) is clicked. However, on this tab, only the movie (MVD) files are displayed. The backup files can be displayed only by using the File>Load Backup Movie function. The DIP files can only be accessed using the File>Load Disk Project function.


In all versions of MEP, this folder setting doesn't work. The initial folder presented when exporting is always the last-used folder, regardless of this setting.


HDPs, H0, created WAVs


Captured files eg AVI/MPG and the AVD files, and for MEP 10 and earlier, the WAV that is created as part of the MEP capture process.

This is the folder that is displayed when Import>My Media>Recordings on the main screen is clicked (for MEP 11 and earlier, “Recordings” tab) is clicked.


Disk Images Folder

This used to be the "Temporary" folder.

Among other things, the Disk Images folder contains the DVD Image folder. This folder contains the DVD files that are created by MEP ready for burning.

For MEP11+ and later, these files are ready to be burnt to DVD with your burning software if you don't want to use MEP. I use Imgburn.

For MEP10+ and earlier, the main VOB is unsplit ie not in 1gb segments - it is split during the burn process by MEP (or can be split when burning with DVDShrink). The DVD image files in this folder cannot be burnt directly by a standard burning program because the VOB will not be DVD-compliant: you must use either MEP itself or a program such as DVD Shrink, which will split the VOB into DVD-compliant 1gb chunks. MEP also has an independent disk-burning function which will do this (the verification function doesn’t seem to work…: File>Burn Files On Disk…).

The DVD Image has the same name as the main DVD Menu title with the words "DVD Image" at the front. Note that MEP inserts an underscore in the gaps between project name words. In this case the DVD main title is “Alemax 25 Dec 1999 – 1 Jan 2000”.

Note this pic is for MEP10+ and earlier. In MEP11 and later, the VOB is split into 1gb chunks as per the DVD specification.


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