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Working Out Your TVs Safe Zone

Noticed some of your picture or titles missing on the TV? Some TVs crop the picture to chop out the rough edges (you will see those rough edges on a captured VHS video, for example). My CRT TV crops about 8% off.

First off, work out how much your TV crops. If you don't want to do follow the procedure below, simply set 10% in each box and see how that goes.

Another issue is that individual DVD players can affect TV screen cropping. For example, one of mine crops more than 10% off, whereas another only drops 4%.


In summary, we burn onto a DVD a still image project which has the grid showing the percentages of the screen that are cropped off by the TV, play it in your DVD player and note the cropping amounts.


To see how to fit your titles into the TV-safe area, see the Titles Tips on the Tips and Tricks page.

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