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MEP is a video editing program. For the price, you simply cannot beat the feature set. When you work out what you are doing, the ease of use is very good. Past versions have had their problems, but the program is now mature and robust enough to do the job extremely well, especially for the price. MEP does have it's "uniqueness", and the Help file and manual leave a little to be desired, but that just adds to the fun!

Movie Edit Pro Demo Movie

Upgrade or stay with your current version?

Got an old version (MEP 14 or earlier) and can't decide whether to update? My advice is to do it! MEP 17 has a lot of changes that will take a bit of time to get on top of, but all in all it is a much better program in all respects.

MEP 17 has improvements over 15/16:

  • A new Intelligent Mouse mode where all objects to the right are selected: they no longer have to be touching each other. This is a great feature when you have many tracks with individual objects scattered all over the timeline.
  • Improved AVCHD performance
  • Titles now are treated as normal objects when using intelligent Mouse modes (an annoying "feature" with previous versions, where in Intelligent mouse mode, clicking on a title would not select the objects to the right of the title)
  • Minor interface changes: the "Section/Zoom" movement effect has been split into "Section" and "Camera/Zoom".
  • 3D (red-green glasses) video is now supported.
  • Expanded number of presets for phones, PDAs and other devices.

Also on the market is Magix Video Pro X, a more up-market video editor. Check out details of this program and feature comparison with Movie Edit Pro here.

I'm even happy enough with MEP now that I have put some "buy it" links throughout the site. I strongly suggest you run the trial version first, but if you're happy, by all means come back here and make your purchase. A purchase here will also help me offset the cost of running this site.

Which version?

The latest version of MEP is MEP 17 and 17 Plus. I always suggest getting the Plus version of MEP. A list of differences is here.

Download or DVD?

If you can contain your enthusiasm, get the DVD version. There are over but there are over 2gb of free downloads after you register it, including many DVD templates, effects, plugins, sounds for the soundtrack maker function and more.2gb of extra effects; with the DVD (boxed) version, you get all that on the disk without the hassle of downloading all the extras. That said, the MEP 17 "download extras" function is much simpler than previous versions, so if you have a fast Internet connection then installing the e-version and then downloading the extras may be appropriate.

This website

Why this website? As I got into video editing with MEP, I realised that it really is a black art, with so much to learn. CODECS, DVDs, MPEGs, Capture, devices, the list just goes on and on. I spent a huge amount of time just trying to work things out and how to do things, and so I decided that I would publish some of the things I have learnt to help newbies progress faster through the maze that is video editing, in particular MEP. I have had a great time using MEP and wanted to share information to help others along the way. Quite a lot of stuff here has come from other users of MEP, mainly from the MEP forum and I thank them for their input. Where possible, I have acknowledged them.

I am currently using MEP 17 PLUS, but most of the stuff on this site applies, more or less, to all versions of MEP.

I am unable to provide personalised support for MEP. Please post on the forum or contact MAGIX Support if you have a problem with MEP that you can't resolve.

I hope you find the site helpful.


Warning - Don't Use the Burn Profiler!


MOVIE EDIT PRO Version History

Video Deluxe:     The name of the German and original English version, came out around 2002.

MEP 2004 and 2005:   Program renamed to Movie Edit Pro and released to the worldwide market in 2003. My first version, after reading a one-column article in an English video magazine. I've been hooked ever since. I had a brief dalliance with Vegas but came scooting back to MEP in quick time. Premiere Pro was so slow on my then-new computer I gave up on the first day.

MEP 10 (Red Box):    Released into the US market, many users have lots of problems with memory and burning errors to name a couple. I had no problem with it using PAL and DV-AVI as source material. Steer clear of this version.

MEP 10 PLUS (Blue box):    Released into the UK market, very nice program. Big improvement on MEP 10, 2005, 2004. A couple of major bugs which have workarounds (eg DV-AVI export). Handles most MPEGs and VOBs OK.

MEP 11 (red box):    Released into the USA market. Redesigned interface with new colours. Seems to be OK. Has more features than MEP 10 PLUS.

MEP 11 PLUS (blue box):    Released into the UK market, has the Keyframe Animator and other features which MEP 11 doesn't have. Overall a nice program (apart from the yukky interface colours), it includes the new Main Concept MPEG encoder (previously, MEP used the Ligos encoder). It also loads more slowly than MEP 10 used to; it is more resource-hungry.

MEP 12 (red box):    Released to the US market in early 2007.

MEP 14 and 14 Plus:    Released to the market in Feb 2008.

Magix Video Pro X: Released to the USA and UK markets in November 2008, it has more features than Movie Edit Pro but is more expensive. Details here.

MEP 15 and 15 Plus: Released to the market at the end of March 2009. Feature lists here.

MEP 16 and 16 Plus: Released at the end of Feb 2010. Feature lists here. Differences between MEP 15 + and MEP 16 + here.

MEP 17 and 17 Plus: Released September 2010.

Details on patch numbers can be found here.


Some of the tutorials on this site are published as standalone files in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. It's easier for me to format guides with graphics that way. More importantly, it means you can print them out and follow them through while working on your computer. You will therefore need to have the free Adobe Reader installed on your computer. (If you don't have Adobe Reader, download it from Adobe). Unless I forget, I will put a black change bar alongside any text change when I update any of the PDF documents.

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