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Warning: Early version of MEP have a function called the Burn profiler. Do not use it! It has done some nasty things to people's systems, sometimes even defeating Windows XP's System Restore function. Only use it if specifically instructed to by Magix Support.

Here I've compiled a list of some problems that have arisen with Movie Edit Pro. It is not meant to indicate that MEP is a problem program! It's great, but as with all programs these days, small issues pop up that do have easy answers or workarounds.

If you can't work something out or think you have a bug, please search the MEP English user forum first before posting. And when you choose your search parameters, make sure you select the "any date" option. Chances are the issue has already been covered. You will probably also find reference to the problem in the other language forums (search "All Forums").

Make sure you have ALL the latest patches and and Burn Routines installed. Run through the installation guide here.

Have a look at the FAQ section for Move Edit Pro on the Magix Support website. There are some informative topics there.

Also go through the motion of sending a Technical Support Request for Movie Edit Pro. In step 3, wave your mouse over the common problems to get some comprehensive answers.

Make sure all your system drivers eg video cards are all up to date. These have caused major problems that have been incorrectly attributed to MEP.

The GSpot program can be used to analyse problem files to determine their codecs and other characteristics.



Many thanks to the members of the Magix User Forums. They are a great bunch of friendly people who are very willing to help and many of the solutions you see here have come from them.

Program Conflicts

Some programs (or what's left of them) mess up the Windows installation and therefore upset MEP. MEP uses and needs an uncorrupted, clean  installation of Windows. Programs known to mess up the pure Windows installation include any Pinnacle product eg Pinnacle Studio. See below for problems with Pinnacle software.

To remove remnants of Roxio products use RoxioZap (thanks Polymorph).

More info about removal of Roxio can be found at A search for 'clean installation' will lead to instructions for removal of the unwanted drivers (Thanks CEPU0001).


How to lodge a Support Ticket with Magix

For the procedure to lodge a support ticket, read this thread from the MEP Forum.

Reset to Default

Reset to Default

If you come across an inexplicable problem, try resetting MEP to it's default settings as follows:

MEP 15: Help>Reset Progam Settings to Default.

MEP 16: File>Settings>Reset Program Settings to Default.

If that doesn't fix the problem, close MEP, locate the movieedit.ini files, rename them (so you can get them back if necessary) and restart MEP.

To locate the movieedit.ini files, use Windows Search but go to the advanced options and tick Search Hidden Files and folders:



If you decide to re-install MEP, make sure you copy any project files that exist in the sub-folders in the MEP installation folder (probably C:\Program Files\Magix..., and note where they came from. If you haven't changed the System Settings > Directory [File] Locations, all your capture files and project files will be in various folders here. If you don't do this, you may lose all your project files and probably captured source files as well, meaning you will lose your project and have to start again. It is for this reason that I recommend that, before starting a new project, you set up your own folder to hold ALL your project files. See the File and Folder Management link on the MEP Hints and Tips page.

Regarding complete uninstallation, here is a quote from Aruga, former Magix USA guru and forum moderator:

How do I completely uninstall a MAGIX program? 

When uninstalling Magix programs the uninstall wizards sometimes leave remnants of the program that can cause errors and conflictions in future installs of the program. To avoid these conflictions:

  1. Disable all antivirus software and use msconfig to disable all startup programs before reinstalling.


  3. From the list choose the MAGIX program and press “Remove”

  4. After uninstalling go to START> SEARCH (FIND for Win98) and search for files and folders named Magix.(make sure you are searching your entire computer not just one drive.)
    Set your Windows Search to include More Advanced Options> tick "Search Hidden Files and Folders":

  5. Everything that comes up in the search, highlight and delete.

  6. Empty recycle bin and restart computer. 

This process removes the magix.ini file and insures a clean and absolute uninstall.

Disable all antivirus software and use msconfig to disable all startup programs before reinstalling.

Furthermore, Magix provides a tool to clean out all registry entries and the INI file. From the Magix Support site, download the tool "INSTALL CLEAN" (thanks Dead Wizard/Richard).


Problems Index

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Jerky Video in the Preview window when playing the movie in MEP

Have a read of this page.

Can't import MPEGs/VOBs/AVIs

Note: This section does not apply to DV-AVIs, such as those from DV cameras. MEP loves DV-AVIs.

MEP2004 generally won't successfully import any of these files directly, especially if they are over 2gb.

MEP 2005/MEP 10 will import MPEG 2 and VOBs with PCM or MP3-based sound. MEP 2005/MEP 10 may not import AC-3-based VOBs or big AVIs. The AC-3 VOBs I've tried to import directly take ages eg over an hour for a 1gb VOB.

MEP 11/12/14 will generally have no trouble importing MPEGs and VOBs (ensure you have an AC-3 decoder installed).

May sure you have the appropriate audio codecs installed. Get an good AC-3 decoder here.

Mad Magix posted this tip about importing MPEGs on the forum, reproduced here:


If you are importing MPEG material (eg .VOB, .MPG, .MOD) then you could try:

  1. Switch to "Timeline" mode and import your MPEG.
  2. Right click on the video.
  3. Choose "Create (new) frame table"
  4. Choose "Close movie"
  5. Open a new project and import your MPEG again!

This video format is very complex and there can be problems during reading. As such, I would suggest creating the new frame table with all MPEG material you import (eg .MPG, .VOB, .MOD), even if errors are not noticeable when you preview the video.

In addition to creating a new frametable, disable Smart Rendering during the burn process. On the Burn screen, click Encoder Settings and untick "Smart Rendering".

If that doesn't work, to import these files, see the Alternate Import Techniques.


Fast/Slow/Reverse Motion Problems

Make sure you ungroup the audio from any video object if you want to slow it down below .5x or speed it up above 2x, or if you want to reverse it. Within the range 0.5x to 2x, if you don't ungroup, the audio will also speed up/slow down.

If you encounter jumpy/jerky slow motion after encoding:

From MadMagix:

MEP (VDL) changes the Field order the wrong way on SloMo-Objects, resulting in video jumping during playback on DVD players (problem was not evident on computer playback) of slowed-down video after rendering. You can avoid this by adding a slight Video cleaning on that object (Contrast +1 ie set to 51 or Sharpen +1, to 51). Right click on the slowed-down object, then click Video cleaning. This worked for me (Alwyn).

The second way is to disable the Smart-Render-Option in the export window (but this didn't work for Alwyn).

This may not apply to MEP 14.


Correcting Audio Out-Of-Sync

MEP can sometimes have trouble splitting the video and audio of MPEG files when importing them, resulting in a progressively worse audio out-of-sync situation. This is covered in this thread on the Magix Users forum. In summary, the procedure is:

  1. In timeline view, right click on the video object;
  2. On the menu,  left click on "Create (new) frametable". MEP will rebuild the frametable. This may fix the audio-out of sync problem.

If that fails, read this guide for more ways to correct out of sync audio.


Why won't Movie Edit Pro operate correctly on a computer that has Pinnacle software installed?

From Mad Magix:

If you install some software it overwrites the so called "Merit values" (DirectX Merit value) of the Microsoft DV Codec. The result is that MEP won´t work any longer on your system. This is one of the reason why you should not install Pinnacle Software on your computer. They come up with an own DV-Codec which overrides the original MS-Codec. But MEP must have the original MS-Codec for perfect functionality.

This subject is covered in more detail in a couple of posts by Mad Magix on the Magix MEP USA forum in this thread.


No Sound in Videos After Import

If, after importing, you don't have any sound on the timeline with your video, it could be caused by a couple of issues:

Burner not recognised

If your burner is not recognised by MEP, it could be packet-writing software on your computer. Try this suggestion from Loriannie:

I just had the exact thing with my external DVD RW. MEP only did not recognize it in the burn menu. I found out other burn programs (especially those pre-installed on computers) contain "packetwriters" which make them the only useable program for burning with certain drives.

Here's what I did (hope it works for you):

Connect your USB to your laptop. Open Add/Remove Programs under the Control Panel. Remove any burning software that came with your computer. Restart your computer.

It worked for me. And if you actually wanted those programs, you can now reinstall them but do a custom reinstall and uncheck the "packetwriter". You don't want it anyway- it runs under programs all the time whether you're using it or not and takes up operating memory.

Dropped Frames during capture

For DV-AVI and HDV captures, you shouldn't get dropped frames. You probably shouldn't get dropped frames for analogue AVI captures either with modern computers. If you do, it could be your hard drives' DMA setup. See a comprehensive guide about setting your hard drives here.


Sound not playing at the right speed

The objects in your project may have different audio sample rates, especially if you have cut and pasted objects from another project that was not set to the same audio sample rate eg 44100khz verses 48000khz. Andy W's comments describe what to do:

When you've opened one of the V10 recordings in V11, right click the audio line of the video and check the object properties. It should say the sample rate such as 48000 sample/sec, 44000 sample/sec etc. Does this match with the movie properties as found in file / movie settings? Try altering this setting and see if the pitch alters. It should do so fairly obviously. If this is the case, find a setting that is nearer the pitch you want. Not ideal but should be easier than re-recording everything.

Maybe the movie properties were set differently in your V10 to your v11. I set mine to 48000 and leave it there.

And the answer from Magd36:

I've recorded the originals with the problem on a project set to 44100. When I cut them into a new project (set to 48000) the audio plays too fast. When I look at the audio rate (Ctrl E) after cutting, the object rate is 34830 and the file rate is 32000. Either changing the project to 44100 or changing the object rate to 32000 fixes it.

I have also encountered this after a DV-AVI import (very very slow audio playback during a section of the file). It turned out to be a problem with the camera. For some reason, the audio changed to mono half way through the recording, and that threw MEP off the rails. The only solution was to recapture the section where the audio had changed.

Can't import DivX files properly

If you're having trouble importing DIVX files, read this thread from DaveG about installing FFDShow.

Cyclic Redundancy Check Errors

These are not an MEP problem. This error message sometimes occurs when Windows cannot copy a file (normally a big file >1gb) off a CD or DVD. The only solution I have found is to use a program called MagicDVDRipper. It has been able to extract a DVD VOB file that no other program could. It reported "A read error has occurred. Do you want to skip bad sectors?". I clicked Yes and it extracted the complete file with no discernable damage.

Can't Import VROs properly - No Audio

You probably need an AC-3 (Audio) Decoder installed on your computer. While programs may be able to play the VROs, MEP may not be able to decode the AC-3 audio for editing. Get a free AC-3 codec here or you can activate the Magix AC-3 decoder by selecting Help>Activate Additional Functions>Activate Dolby Digital Stereo Decoder... (may not be available on your version - it is available in MEP 14 Plus)

Can't Run MEP 10 on Vista

If you're having trouble running MEP 10 on Windows Vista, have a look at this thread from the Magix Forum.

MEP 14 Won't Shutdown Properly

Other programs may cause MEP 14 to not shut down properly. Read this thread about it.

No Sound On Burnt DVD

If Smart Rendering, make sure that the Audio Type (On the DVD Burn screen, Encoder Settings>Advanced>Audio Type tab) matches your movie files. For example, if your MPEG 2/VOB files are PCM sound, then make sure PCM is selected. If they are MPEG 1 Layer 2, make sure MPEG Layer 2 is selected. Otherwise, the DVD will burn/Smart Render OK but most likely no audio will be produced by your DVD player, since MEP has written the audio type incorrectly into the VIDEO_TS.IFO file.

MEP 14 hangs during startup - "Checking Limitations"/MEP keeps asking for the original DVD, even though it is in the drive

Download and run the Unlockmaster program from the Support Site: Download>Tools area (as described above).

From the Magix Support website:

"Resolves the following problems that can occur when trying to start up a program:

1.) Program keeps asking for the original program CD/DVD, even though it‘s already in the drive.

2.) Program hangs during "Checking Limitations" when starting up.

This tool does not resolve any other technical problems (like crashes or burning problems) or activate e-versions and encoders."

You need to be registered with MAGIX to make use of this tool.

Can't Export to MOV

If, when you export to MOV (Quicktime format) nothing happens, you will need to install either Quicktime Player or Quicktime Alternative. See the codec page of this site for details.

Sony Vegas DV Files have a clicking noise

If you import Sony Vegas DV files and get clicking audio, read this thread from Xerox on the MEP forum for the fix.

MEP will not read it's own MPEGs

When you import (or try to preview) a MPEG which you created with MEP eg via the Export function, the video is black.

This is a problem with the hardware acceleration function. Magix now recommends that on the Program Settings>Display Options tab, you untick "Acceleration for high resolution MPEG files".This will cure the issue.

MPEG Problems in General

If you have inexplicable problems when working with MPEG files (including AVCHD) try recreating the frametable by selecting the video objects and then right-clicking on them; from the popup menu choose (Re)Create Frametable. The progress bar at the bottom of the screen will display as the framtable is recreated.


Error Messages

Access Violation

MEP pops up this message for all sorts of problems, and it usually results in the program crashing. Some known ones are:

"Bad File Format!"

You do not have the codec required for the clip you are trying to open or load with MEP. See the Codec page for more information.

"Can't find ...HDP"

This message sometimes popped up in early versions of MEP.

Magix has lost a WAV file, not the HDP it's referring to! See my notes on File Types (WAV and HDP descriptions) on the Tips and Tricks page.

This has also occurred in MEP 11 and 14. Resolution pending.

"Object is longer than physical sample"

I have received this message if MEP can't find a file ie "Can't find ...HDP" and you click on the HDP file it's looking for. What probably has happened is the original WAV file (that Magix extracted from it's captured AVI) has been renamed, deleted or otherwise corrupted. Try to close the movie without saving but in my case the program freezes. Use Task Manager to kill it, then reopen it, then when it comes up with the message "cannot find file..." look for the WAV file of the same name, not the HDP file. See my WAV/HDP notes on File Types on the Tips and Tricks page.

If the source file has been corrupted or changed, your only real option is to re-import it into the same place. You'll probably lose any edits you made in the area.

Magix mentions this error message in it's FAQ. You'll need to be registered to view it.

Codec Problems/Error Messages

If you have problems/error messages with CODECs, install the Magix codec reset file for Win XP from here, select Language to English UK, click the Umschalten button, click on Download, then Tools, then the Ligos Codec for Win XP for Service Pack 1 (I assume it will also work for SP 2 if you have it). That may fix the problem. See also the Codecs page.

Memory Access Problems

From JMagix:

"I have no idea why this worked, but if you are having the memory access error (very frustrating to lose your work every 20min), try moving your swap file off your system drive.

"Yes, I know it doesn't make sense. I have 1 gig DDR Ram. Gigabytes a-plenty on the system drive. If I understand the purpose of the windows swap file correctly, MEP should not need it. However, once I moved the file from my C: drive to another partition, I no longer get the error."

And from MetryGuy:

"The Windows swap files or page files are designed to allow you to specify multiple files on different drive spindles, to increase performance."

"Believe me, Magix, as well as any other application running under Windows NT/XP, DO use virtual memory (swap files), even though you may not see it or know it."

A couple of tricks is to set a custom size, ie. 2048/2048, instead of letting Windows dynamically allocate the file(s). Another thing to do is to make both the values equal, like above."

Further, from JGarden:

"Set the processor scheduler utilise background services and memory usage was switched to use system cache".

Menu Rendering Failed

If you have an AMD 64 processor, you need to install the Ligos Encoder Update, which you can get from the Magix Support website, Download TOOLS section. Instructions on how to get there are shown above. If you have trouble applying the patch ie if it stops at this message: "the following Magix Products will be updated", then uninstall MEP as described above and reinstall and then apply the patch again.

Encoding of Movies Failed - No Files Found
Error Encoding - Movie Encoding Failed

This is a Smart Rendering issue caused by a "dirty" MPEG file (eg one from a DVB-T broadcast) that MEP initially processes by smart-rendering but then can no longer do that. Two things can be done:

I have found that DVB-T files are sometimes quite "dirty". I use VideoRedo to clean them up (using the Save Video or Quick Stream Fix options).

Also see this thread about the subject on the Magix User board.

"File Cannot be read by Movie Edit Pro!"

A few potential problems here:

Error Rendering Menu

Check this thread from the forum.


If you have any suggestions or comments for this site, please email the webmaster:

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