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For some reason, my Palm Tungsten E2 doesn't like DivX movies made by MEP. There is bad audio interference; I think this is caused by some problem with MEP encoding the MP 3 soundtrack (I've tried two different computers and different MP3 codecs to no avail). The solution is to encode your movie with MEP to a good-quality format such as MPEG 2 or DV-AVI (or use the VOBs from DVD Image folder) and then convert that file to DivX/MP3 format using Super C (no codecs required) or Virtual Dub.

Super C


1. Export your movie from the MEP timeline in DV-AVI or MPEG 2 format or import the VOBs from your DVD Image folder into Super).

2. Open up Super C and set the settings to:

I have chosen 320:176 which is 16:9 format, the same as the movie I am encoding. Change this as necessary to suit the actual dimensions of your movie.

I have chosen Frame/Sec to 25, as I have a PAL file to encode. If you are in NTSC land, I suggest you choose 29.97.

Click the small "other Opts" button and ensure "Deinterlace to progressive" is ticked.

Note: you can save these Super settings for later use by right-clicking and choosing "Export a Super Settings profile".

3. Right Click anywhere on the screen and select “Add Multimedia files”, add your files.

4. If you want to save the DivX output to another folder, right click anywhere on the Super window and select “Output File Savings management” to set your output folder.

4. Ensure the box next to the file is ticked and then click Encode.

Virtual Dub

If you are comfortable with Virtual Dub, I have found the video quality is slightly better. The settings I use are:



To set up your Palm Pilot to view these movies, read this.

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