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This is a consolidated list of direct links to all my MEP tutorials.

Some of these videos are hosted on Vimeo and Youtube and will appear in a popup window - you may need to "allow all popups from this site" in your browser controls.

To stop a video in "midflight", simply close the popup window.

For the Youtube videos, 480P will give a slightly clearer video. If your bandwidth can handle it, choose 720p and click the "pop out" button: 


MEP 15/16

Create a Still Frame/Freeze Video

Size and Position Part 1

Size and Position Part 2

Section/Zoom Part 1

Section/Zoom Part 2

Video Level/Opacity - Adjusting

Cursor Functions when Dragging Object Edges

Controlling the Gamma (Selective Brightness) Level with the KFA

Masking a Moving Face


MEP 15/14

DVD Menus- Adding Text

Highlighting a Moving Object in MEP 15 (with thanks to DFHowes)

Tute correction: instead of dragging the video level of the alpha image down, in the Chroma Key section, set "Threshold Video 2" to max (full right) and then adjust "Threshold Video 1" to suit as shown below (Sustitution in Art Filter has been set to 56).


MEP 14

Keyframe Animator - Aeroplane movement

Keyframe Animator - Create a title that moves up then stops

The Movement function - Basic Ken Burns Pan and Crop

Using the Movement feature to run a bus along a map route

Using the Movement feature to run an arrow along a route on a map


Object Curves (Non-Plus versions of MEP 12 and older)

If you've got a few spare minutes, have a look at this to see how far MEP has come.

Using Object Curves to follow a route on a map


Tutorials from other users

 To see a list of all currently available tutorials from all users on the Magix MEP forum, click here.


MEP Tips

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