TCPMP Palm Movie/MP3 Player


TCPMP is a free media player for the Palm platform. It can play various media formats, including movies in DivX format and songs in MP3 format. It turns your Palm into a great video and MP3 player!

My general modus operandi is to create the movies in DivX video format at around 300kbps and MP3 64kbps 22050hz for audio (or similar). This keeps the bitrate low enough to enable steady playback. If you want to make your own DiVX movies, you can use Super free converter or Virtual Dub. Movie Edit Pro will export to DivX and MP3 but for some reason, MEP-produced DivX files play with bad audio interference because of corruption in the MP3 stream. Therefore, if you are an MEP user, you'll need to export from MEP first and then encode to DivX. See my tutorial here.

I then simply copy any movie files (or audio MP3 files for that matter) into folders on my SD card using Windows Explorer and my SD card reader. Movie or song files can also be added to your SD card using the Palm desktop Quick Install function, but I find this too clumsy, as you cannot allocate files to specific folders.

To install the TCPMP player to play DivX movies and MP3 songs, click on each of the three links below in turn and then click OPEN. Clicking OPEN will open up the Palm Quick Install screen and display the PRC files to be installed. Alternatively, simply double-click on each PRC to place it in the queue for installing.

Main TCPMP Player File

TCPMP MPEG4/DivX Decoder File

TCPMP MP3 Decoder File

After the three files are ready to be Hotsynced, hotsync when ready!

After you have done a Hot Sync, all there is left to do is to open the TCPMP player and select your file/s to play:

  1. Tap Applications and then tap TCPMP;
  2. Tap TCPMP (top left). This will open the FILE menu.
  3. Tap OPEN FILES.
  4. Tap on the file/s you want to play. You can select any or all. When finished, click OK.
  5. The Play screen will appear. Tap PLAY to play or PREF to set the various preferences. The GENERAL settings allow you to set shuffle (random) or repeat. Depending on the dimensions of your file,  you may need to adjust the video display settings to make your movie display correctly. The AUDIO settings allow changing the volume. If the volume is still too low with the volume set to max (100), increase the Preamp value.
  6. Palm TCPMP 4 way button controls:
  7. Volume: toggle up/down

    15 second jump forward back: toggle left/right

    Pause>Play FullScreen>Pause>Play: centre button

Have fun!

Movie Edit Pro | TCPMP Palm Movie/MP3 Player